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Logo JV Ageniaa JV Ageniaa is the unique dealer for the entire production: High quality materials, advice and services for the manufacture and packaging of products of the bakery, pastry, pastry, biscuit and confiserie.
JV Ageniaa selects leading partners from kneading to packaging, including rolling, shaping, fermentation and baking.
Dedicated to its artisan, SME and industrial customers, its primary vocation is to help them choose the most relevant materials. The choice of production tool largely determines the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises.
JV Ageniaa has the will to put its approach in the long term afin to build a relationship of mutual confiance with its customers as with its partners



Logo JV La Française Since 1992, JV La Française distributes equipment for the food industry of premium brands.
It offers materials adapted to the whole industry and responding to any stage of production of each of the customers, from the preparation, mixing, slicing, chopping, refining or vacuum packaging.
In its 28 years of existence, it has acquired a solid reputation among the most renowned customers on the national market by focusing on a strong identity. It now has a portfolio of 3,000 customers, including giants like Fleury Michon.
In full development, JV La Française created an entity dedicated to the Bakery/ Pastry/ Pastry and another, more regional dedicated to artisans, supermarkets, SMEs, or cooperatives.



With a strong experience in its sector of activity, the company ADP Industrie provides the trades of the butcher, the charcuterie, the caterers, the bakeries, and the restaurateurs. It offers its services and meets the expectations of a clientele of professionals, SMEs and artisans.
The teams accompany their customers in the layout of their stores and production workshops on the necessary equipment and materials.
ADP Industrie supports the installation, start-up, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of equipment. It supports the life of production equipment, providing technical assistance and spare parts management.
In order to minimize the loss of production during a breakdown of your equipment, it installs for free a lending machine as adapted as possible to your needs, the time of its restoration.
ADP Industrie is now one of the entities of JV La Française in the same way as JV Ageniaa.